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On this page I will list some of my most recent projects. Projects marked "Big project" should be checked out. Some of the others "projects" are more or less old pictures I had laying around on my HDD.

Description & link Category/tags Last updated Big project
My huge FPV-project
 - Full website
R/C, Electronics, Ham Radio 04/06/2008 X
TwinStar II building process
 - Full website
R/C, Electronics 13/03/2008 X
Brushless converted electric scooter
 - Full website
Mechanics, Electronics - X
EOS1 - High altititude balloon
 - Full website
Space, Ham Radio, Electronics 28/12/2007 X
All in one APRS tracker
 - Pictures
Ham Radio, Electronics -  
LiPo modification for FT-897D
 - Pictures
Ham Radio, Electronics 15/12/2007  
Mounting antenna on roof
 - Pictures
Ham Radio -