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TwinStar II building progress

A while ago I decided to build a TwinStar II for FPV use due to high load capacity, twin motors (propeller not in the way for the camera), ailerons and rudder, tolerance against wind and simple construction.
The plane is not ready to fly yet, but I hope to get it ready within a month.

It will be equipped with the following gear:
 - AR7000 2.4GHz diversity R/C receiver
 - 4 x Hitec HS-81
 - 2 x Turnigy 2213 20-turn brushless motor
 - 2 x TowerPro w25A ESC
 - 3A UBEC
 - 2 x Aluminium spinner
 - 2 x 9x6 APC propeller
 - 11.1V 4000mAh LiPo

And of course a lot of FPV gear like camera, video transmitter, OSD etc.

The paintjob is done with black and silver acrylic spray paint.

More information will probably come - be patient!

 - Pictures from the building progress